Success Story  

Client: Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
Project: The Acquisition-Asset System Centralization and Modernization Project

Background: The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) implement year plan to consolidate the management of several in use, Operating Division-unique logistic systems into a single instance, fully integrated, consolidated application serving the entire Department. One centerpiece of this system is the implementation of the Uniform Financial Management System (UFMS). A second centerpiece is the Acquisition- Asset Integration and Modernization System (AIMS) program.

AIMS is underway in conjunction with the UFMS effort and includes PRISMT, I-Procurement T (an online requisitioning System) and, for personal property/asset management, the SunflowerT Asset Management System, currently under license to DHHS at the Program Support Center (PSC). SunflowerT is an Oracle-based application specifically designed for Internet operations. The application in use at the Logistics Services Branch (LSB), the PSC organization managing the system, is fully certified and accredited for internet operations and has been selected as the DHHS system for consolidating personal property records management Department-wide.

American Cybernetic Corporation (ACC), a service disable veteran owned small business, was responsible for many aspects of this effort. ACC has been in business for over 30 years having a strong specialization in legacy modernization, Oracle Financials, Project Management and property-supply systems. The project tasks for which ACC as responsible include:
  • The development of
    • Comprehensive Project Plan
    • Business Case
    • OMB 300 preparation with use of ProSight System
    • IV&V Parameter Matrix, Risk Analysis and assessment;
  • Mapping and converting the agency legacy databases to the centralized PMIS (Sunflower) Oracle database including gap analysis and remedy;
  • Cutover support of agency systems to the Centralized PMIS; and

The ACC support focused on the consolidation of the legacy property systems into the Program Support Center (PSC)/Logistics Support Branch (LSB) instance of SunflowerT. ACC's responsibility was to coordinate all aspects with HHS agencies including:
  • Indian Health Service
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Health Resources and Services Administration

Requirement: The integration and implementation of a single instance property management information system/asset management system, personal property and equipment (PP&E) in a host environment for use by the entire DHHS community nationwide. The property system consolidation effort shall continue the ongoing efforts to transfer the agency personal property data to the PSC Sunflower Asset Management System.

The new DHHS asset management system (Property Management Information System) required the interface with the DHHS Unified Financial System (UFMS) for general ledger and accounts receivable activities. Also, the DHHS Asset Systems Team monitored and coordinated with the Acquisition Systems Design and Implementation Team as necessary. In addition, there were many processes and interfaces that the asset management system was required to accommodate, such as requisitioning, contract writing, purchase cards, procurement planning, data conversion, reporting, change management, training, and system administration, to name a few.

Contract: The award made on September 30 2005 to American Cybernetic Corporation, a small service disabled veteran owned small business. The Delivery Order is HHSP233200400670G. The contract was completed August 2006.